Dying into Life

$ 6.00 CAD

"There can be no real Christianity without death and resurrection." Death feels so unnatural to our entire being. Our natural response is to fight it. In order for God's word to enrich the soil in our hearts and really be fruitful in our lives, a kind of death needs to occur. Paul said he dies daily (1 COR 15:31). What did he really mean by that? And how can we hinder or advance this process of "Dying into Life" in our daily walk? Denise Jordan speaks from a depth and spirituality that has been born out of her own journey of death and resurrection. In recent years, she has stepped into a new level of understanding of the Trinitarian paradigm. Her messages inspire awe and wonder. If you have a hunger for the deeper things of God, listen to "Dying into Life" today.

Denise Jordan