Sonship A Journey Into Father’s Heart

$ 20.00 CAD

The prophetic revelation of sonship is sweeping around the world today like an ocean groundswell, restoring the place of the Father’s love in the Christian life. The Father loves you and whether you are a man or a woman He has called you into sonship, this is what Jesus came for you to receive - living in a continuous experience of His love pouring into your heart in the same way that Jesus himself experienced. -Discover the love of the Father like Jesus experienced it. -Learn about the centrality of the heart in all aspects of your spiritual walk. -Remove the hindrances in your life to the love of the Father. -Grasp the perspective of God’s grand plan of redemption for mankind. -Find the rest the Bible promises for every believer. -Enjoy the supernatural freedom available for the sons and daughters of God.

James Jordan
Bibical Teaching